Sleep Problems of Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School Age Children

Sleeping problems in older children can seemingly come out of nowhere – especially when that child had a good sleep schedule as a baby. Other times, these poor sleep habits have existed since infancy and the family had just hoped they would go away on their own. And finally, some sleep problems in toddlers and preschoolers occur during the dreaded crib to bed transition. Unfortunately behavioral sleep issues tend to get worse, not better. Fortunately, however, there are methods such as the SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ program that can teach a family how to replace bad sleep habits with healthy sleep habits.

The top two leading causes of sleep issues in older children:

  • Developmentally Inappropriate Sleep Schedules: Many toddlers and preschoolers are napping and going to sleep at nights at times which are not appropriate given their age. A child will have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep if being put down at times that are not consistent with their biological sleep clocks.
  • Inconsistent Nap Time and Bedtime Routines: Sleep time causes anxiety in many children (and in parents as well). One way to relieve that anxiety is to have daily consistent nap time and bedtime routines. In doing so, a child feels like he or she has some control over the environment. The child always knows what will come next and that is calming for a child (and for the parent as well!)

Sleep training can help eliminate behavioral sleep problems in children.  Contact Dr. Roban by calling (646) 504-9448. Dr. Roban has shared the SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ techniques with parents nationwide.  If you are interested in having pediatric sleep consultant Dr. Roban address your parenting group or working parents within in your corporate wellness program, visit the healthy sleep contact page.