Sleep training will probably be the first of many difficult challenges you will face in raising your child. It can be hard on everyone involved. Dr. Roban will help you cope with the challenges and stress associated with sleep training to help your family develop better baby and child sleep habits. After successful completion of SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ your child will:

Learn to fall asleep unassisted and stay asleep
Learn to self-soothe
Acquire good sleep habits
Improve in mood and temperament

Family sleep specialist & Corporate Family Sleep Consultant Dr. Whitney Roban designed SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ and SLEEP WELL / WORK WELL for parents and caregivers who are ready to give their family a great and most precious gift -- a full night's sleep. SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ is a clinical approach to sleep training based on the basic behavior modification principles of reinforcement and extinction. Combining research and techniques from the most prominent experts in the field of sleep training, Dr. Roban has created a comprehensive and easy-to-understand approach to sleep training your child that can be tailored to your individual needs. The SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ method, combined with the sensitive and compassionate support of Dr. Roban, will give parents and caregivers the knowledge and emotional strength they need to help their children sleep through the night.

Confused about how to get your baby or child to sleep? Contact Dr. Roban by calling (646) 504-9448 for information about developing better baby and child sleep habits. Dr. Roban has shared the SLEEP-EEZ-KIDZ techniques with parents across the nation. If you are interested in having pediatric sleep consultant Dr. Roban address your parenting group or the working parents within your corporate wellness program visit the healthy sleep contact page.