Myths About Children and Sleep

Child Sleep Myth #1: It Is All About The "Crying It Out"
It is not the crying (the quality nor the quantity) that teaches children to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is the learned behavior of falling asleep unassisted. The crying is just a byproduct of learning to self-soothe. Other central components of training that often get overlooked in child sleep problems include the importance of a consistent and appropriate 24 hour sleep schedule (including naps), an early bedtime, and consistent bedtime and nap routines.

Child Sleep Myth #2: Sleep Training Fails because "My Child Is Just Not A Good Sleeper"

Yes, some children are naturally better sleepers than others. However, all healthy children can develop good sleep habits. In order to eliminate sleep problems in children, it is up to the parents to be consistent and follow an appropriate 24 hour sleep schedule for the child. When sleep training fails, it most likely is due to the parents and caregivers not being consistent and not following through on the sleep schedule.

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